What is SEO?

If you are planning to start up your own website, you should probably consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Getting your website out to the public and driving traffic to your website could be a daunting task. But if you use SEO properly and effectively, you will find that your website produces greater information and views by the public.

To start thinking about SEO, you can imagine it as if you were baking.
Use a search engine such as Google as your recipe book. Inside Google you have many different recipes or websites.

In order for people to find the best recipe for what they want, they look up the recipe book to provide the best results. In this case, search engines such as Google will go through every single website and search for the best results for the viewer. The way Google finds the best websites is by creating an algorithm (or ingredients). Each website requires the right amount of ingredients in order to create the best recipe for the viewer.

The algorithm consists of the following:

– Word count: Search engines take into consideration each word on every website to determine which one is best suited for the viewer. This way, when someone searches for “Apple Pie” the search engine will narrow the results to only the web pages with those words.

– Titles: Each individual web page should have an official title. Search engines pay attention to these titles because they tend to summarize what the article/page is about. The search engines can then use this information to narrow their results even further.

Links between different websites: When a link is provided to a website, it is usually because the website is recommend. For an example, a food blogger could link something that they said to your website about apple pie. This is a way for other websites to hint to their own readers/viewers to look at your site. A website with a lot of links to it looks good to a search engine.

– Specific words on links: If your website is about apple pie and links to another web page by saying “this website knows about certain types of apples” and the word “apples” is linked, search engines can recognize that the website you linked to corresponds or has affiliation to the word “apples”. Therefore when someone searches the word “apples” into Google, Their webpage will be one of the first websites to come up.

– Reputation: Search engines look for websites that are up-to-date with their information, that are consistent with the information that they are providing, and have a growing number of links and recommendations.

The key to having good Search Engine Optimization is presenting your information in the best way possible. This is exicuted correctly when following the recipe of the search engine. Once all of the ingredients are in your recipe, you will become the top pick for viewers.


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